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Accredited testing laboratory

As of March 31, 1995 the Railway Reasearch Institute, j.s.c. (VUZ) became an Accredited Test Laboratory autohorized for tests of rolling stock and their components, railway facilities and materials. The VUZ test laboratory updates permanently and amends the established quality system. Currently the test laboratory registered under No. 1462 is a holder of certificate of accreditation issued by the Czech Accreditation Institute, non-profit organization, (CAI) on the basis of performance assessment of the accreditation criteria according to


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The accredited test laboratory No. 1462 is composed of six sections which offer the following:

  • Rolling Stock Section conducts tests of driving properties, traction, brake, safety and noise tests of rolling stock and their components.
  • Energy Section conducts tests of electrical and power supply systems of rolling stock, pantographs and distribution systems of the electrified tracks.
  • Infrastructure Section conducts tests of infrastructure elements, particularly the determination of sleeper lateral resistance in railway beds.
  • Control Command and Signalling Section conducts electrical tests and  environmental impact tests on communication and signalling facilities and tests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of railway vehicles
  • Materials Section conducts fatigue tests of metals, hardness and microhardness, impact bend test (at decreased temperature as well), weld joints tests, tests of materials in welding, metallic materials, bridge structures, rails and diagnosing of possible causes of deficiencies in all components of rolling stock, etc.
  • Section of Dynamic Test Laboratory conducts dynamic fatigue tests and solidity tests of rolling stock and their components.
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Comprehensive list of accredited tests including the norm specification

Comprehensive list of accredited tests of testing laboratory No. 1462 including tests added to list in terms of flexible scope of accreditation

At the request of customer the testing laboratory also provides unaccredited tests (subject to agreement with customer concerning the test procedures).

Acknowledged testing laboratory for railway vehicles tests

VUZ accredited test laboratory is a holder of the acknowledgement:

  • No. EBA - 44/12/04 – for rolling stock testing issued by Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA), Germany
  • No. RFI/DTC/CSI 07 229/06 – for rolling stock testing issued by RFI-CESIFER, Italy.


The testing laboratory uses some special equipment to conduct tests.

The dynamic running tests are performed by the accredited testing laboratory in Test Centre Velim

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