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The tests of the friction break components and their approval for international rail operations are performed by the VUZ at the flywheel break test bench with the international type approval. The break test bench is included in the directive UIC 541-3 and it corresponds to the binded UIC regulations and ERRI requirements.

Break test bench offers

  • tests of friction material of wheel breakes lining and break blocks
  • verification of brake discs and rail wheels properties

Basic parameters of break bench Maximum rotational speed of primary shaft: 1420 min-1
Maximum test speed: 238 kmh-1 (for wheel diameter of 890 mm)
Mechanical and thermal measuring
Possibility of simulation spray test
Controlled ventilation
Thyristor bench drive control
Possibility of test performance according to UIC test programes or customer
Direct value registration with computer evaluation and display
Simulation of test conditions by mean of break force control, speed control or break effectiveness
Maximum output: 250 kW
Maximum break moment: 45 kNm
Minimum moment of inertia: 565 kgm2
Maximální moment of inertia: 2976 kgm2

Disk brake: brake wheel 640, 610, 590 mm; brake lining 200, 175 cm2

Shoe brake: max. diameter of wheel 1000 mm
unilateral braking, double - sided braking
simple or two-block unit delays
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