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Dynamic Testing Laboratory

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In the Test Centre there is a Hall with the Dynamic Test Bench. The Dynamic Test Bench is a testing facility equipped with the computer controlled loading machines able to handle large objects up to 120 t of weight. The Dynamic Test Bench is intended to perform fatigue and dynamic tests of vehicles and their components including simulation of operating and service conditions of vehicles. The equipment and service attendance of testing laboratory makes possible a parallel performance of several tests without interfering each other.

Major activities offered

  • strength tests and analysis of construction stress under simulated load
  • measuring of damping and spring elements characteristics
  • measuring of damping and spring elements characteristics
  • functional tests of engines and equipments – verification of functionality under load or overload
  • frequency and dynamic characteristics of components and systems of machines and vibration tests

Tests performed

  • Fatique tests of construction elements (of componens and whole constructions)
  • Standard tests of bogie frames of rolling stock in the test bench according to UIC 510-3, UIC 515-4 a UIC 615-4
  • Simulation of the service load of constructions in the test bench (combined multiaxial stress)
  • Tests of springs and shock absorbers (elastic elements, buffers, etc.)
  • Tests of seats according to UIC 566
  • Tests of brake cross-bars according to UIC 833
  • Other tests according to procedure agreed with customer or in accordance with applicable directives (ČSN, ISO and other)

Tests and measuring of whole vehicles, body of coaches and generally large objects (static and dynamic measuring, test field of the size 32x10m)

  • Static and dynamic tests of body of coach (carcassing) by using metric tensor and other investigation methods
  • Determination of coordinates of centre of gravity of body of coach (or a subject of general nature) in direction x, y, z
  • Determaination of natural frequencies of the vehicle springing
  • Determination of the height of pitching/rolling pole and coefficient of tilting according to UIC 505-5, Annex C
  • Measuring of bogie resistance moment of rolling stock against the turning
  • Determination of torsional rigidity of vehicles (bodies, bogie frames)
  • Simulation of vehicle passage through a minimum curve, inclined humb crossing, running on the ferry and traverser
  • Other measuring on general engineering constructions according to procedure agreed with customer or in accordance with applicable directives (ČSN, ISO and other)


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