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Dynamometric measuring vehicle

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The Railway Research Institute, j.s.c. (VUZ) uses dynamometric measuring vehicle as a mobile measuring laboratory. The vehicle accommodates the verification of tractive characteristics of tractive units and characteristics of dynamic breaks. It is equipped by proving equipment in the tow bar and buffer gear device of the measuring vehicle.

Currently the VUZ dynamometric vehicle may offer to customers the following parameters and equipment.

  • Maximum speed of vehicle 160 km/h
  • Measuring of pulling and compressive force up to 500 kN within the accuracy classes 2 according to ČSN EN 10 002-3
  • Original levering mechanism of the tow bar and buffer gear device makes it possible to measure pulling forces while driving the tested train in curves without impact of parasitic forces at touch of buffers plates
  • It is possible to measure pulling or compressive force of vehicles equipped with the central couple by means of reducing coupler
  • The measuring laboratory is equipped with modern industrial computer DEWEPORT 2000 to make it possible by means of the measuring programmes in the LavVIEW environment to record data of the measured parameters according to the customer requirements
  • The unbraked vehicle axle is equipped with the optical sensor of engine speed to make it possible to measure train speed within the accuracy of 0,1 km/h
  • It offers spacious laboratory, social division, sleeping and sanitary division
  • It is equipped with electrical network of 220 V/50 Hz suppliedby the sepparating transformers from the outer stand 3 PEN 50 Hz 400 V or genset 3x400 V/ 50 Hz
  • It is equipped with the hot water heating with diesel kettle and oil system
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