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Electrotechnic measuring vehicle

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The electrotechnic measuring vehicle is intended for testing the electric tractive vehicles and fixed tractive equipment of the direct and single-phase traction current mainly to verify their electric equipment function in transient performance at rest and in motion.

Currently the VUZ electrotechnic vehicle may offer to customers the following parameters and equipment.

  • Maximimum speed of vehicle 160 km/h
  • Two car top pantograph current collectors having the possibility of use for various power supply systems
  • The set of additional resistors isolated up to 3 kV to be used for voltage jump tests
  • Two locomotive DC switches 11 HC to be used for the current interruption tests
  • Front operator consol with corresponding equipment
  • Possibility of power supply of the tested vehicle by means of measuring vehicle equipment
  • Spacious laboratry, conferential division, sleeping and social division
  • The measuring laboratory is equipped with a modern industrial computer DEWEPORT 2000, which through the measuring programmes in the LabVIEW environment makes it possible to record data of the measured parameters according to the customer requirement
  • The measuring vehicle is equipped with an independent electrical network of 220 V/50 Hz supplied either by separating transformers from the outer stand of 3x400 V or genset 3x400 V
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