Výzkumný Ústav Železniční, a.s. (VUZ)


International projects

The Railway Research Instite, j.s.c. (VUZ) is involved in international projects in the field of railway system and railway transport. It co-operates closely with major producers, academic institutions and professional organizations within and out of the EU. The VUZ experts are members of professional groups and committees of International Union of Railways (UIC) focused particularly on contemporary control comand and signalling systems, characteristics of friction braking elements or noise and vibration issues.


European Rail Research Network of Excellence (EURNEX)

The EURNEX is a research project focused on the sector of railway and multimodal transport. It deals with research of railway operation issues, railway transport, railway transport means, communication and signalling equipment, testing, transport technology, quality, environment and a number of other sectors. The aim of the project is to unify a pan-european research and development in the field of railway transport and establish a Network of Excellence to associate workplaces offerring the solving and production capacity in the realisation of railway transport projects ordered by the companies and state institutions. The EURNEX project is part of the 6th EU Frame Programe. It associates more than 60 European institutions and its team includes 670 persons.

More at www.eurnex.net

NB-Rail Coordination Group

The European Commission has set up the NB-Rail coordination group in accordance with the principles of 2008/57/EC Art.28(5) & whereas(46), 765/2008 Art R30 & R17(11) and the Blue Guide 2014 (5.2.2&5.2.4).

More at More at www.nb-rail.eu or https://circabc.europa.eu/

NB-Rail Association

The NB-Rail Association is an international non-profit organization of the notified bodies for interoperability in the railway sector. The association has been installed to support and to complement the activities of NB-Rail coordination group with activities. This Association cooperates with professional organizations and associations like UNIFE, CER, UIC, CEN, CENELEC and others as well as with official bodies like the European Rail Agency ERA and the European Commission.

More at www.nb-rail.eu or https://circabc.europa.eu/


The integrated project of Railenergy looks for new solutions led to minimizing the energy intensity of rolling stock, infrastructure and operation. The aim of the project is to decrease in European railways the energy consumption by 6 % before the year 2000 while forecasting the double increase of passengers and cargo. The working groups are dealing not only with technical issues but also adjusting the timetables with a view to effective use of consumed energy or training the drivers of cost-effective drive.

More information at http://www.railenergy.org/

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