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Membership in the professional organizations and the interest associations

Association of Companies of Czech Railway Industry (ACRI)

The ACRI is an organization associating the companies of railway industry in the Czech Republic. It is an associated member of the Association of European Railway Industries (UNIFE). It represents interests of its members and professional interest of railway industry mainly before the Czech institutions and through the UNIFE also before the European institutions. The ACRI Members are companies to be dealt with development, design, production and repair of rolling stock, superstructure, infrstructure, information technology equipment, railway components, materials and service provision.
more at www.acri.cz

Association of Accredited and Authorized Organizations (AAAO)

The AAAO is an association of legal persons to provide services in the field of testing, cerfication, inspection and product assessment, management system, persons and processes. The AAAO members are functioning mainly in the regulated field relating to the CE mark (as an authorized person as well as the notified places operating in the EU) and the accredited persons in an unregulated field of product quality and services.
more at www.aaao.cz

Association of Certification Organs of Product Certification (SCOV)

The SCOV is a voluntary interest association of persons to be dealt with product certification on the territory of Czech Republic. The aim of SCOV is to assist in alleviation of technical obstacles of trade primarily with the EU States, accelerated application of harmonized EU norms in the field of product certification and to promote interests of association members with the Czech Accreditation Institute (ČIA), state administration and economic sphere of the Czech Republic.

more at www.scov.cz

Asociation of Research Organization(AVO)

AVO is a branch contact organization for applied science and research for preparing Czech subjects for international cooperation. It pushes through the interests of especially through subjects whose reach results in research and development are mainly commercially used. It is the only organization in the Czech Republic that represents applied research and development in business area, i.e. research being develop and run mainly from private sources and out of the sector of the Science academy and universities.

More at www.avo.cz

Czech Chamber of Commerce (HKČR)

Czech Chamber of Commerce (in Czech Hospodářská komora České republiky) was set up by law (No. 301/1992) as an independent national chamber. It creates opportunities for business, push through and supports measures aiming at further development of business in the Czech Republic and at strengthening the economic stability of the country.

More at www.komora.cz

Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

The Confederation of Industry is the premier business lobbying organisation in the Czech Republic providing a voice for employers at a national and international level.

We are here to assert the interest of our members. We speak for companies and associations of every size and of all kinds of industries, including many in the sector of SMEs.

Our main mission is to promote the conditions in which businesses of all sizes and sectors in the Czech Republic can flourish and stay competitive. We believe what we do is finally for the benefit of the whole country. To achieve this we work hard at home, in the EU and internationally.

More at http://www.spcr.cz/


The VUZ represents the mother company České dráhy, a.s. (Czech Railways, j.s.c.) at expert meetings in organizations:

  • International Union of Railways (UIC) - The International Union of Railways (Union Internationale des Chemins de fer (UIC)) deals at international level with issues relating to unification and development of railway facilities particularly tracks and vehicles and conditions of railway traffic. It began its activities in 1992 in Paris that remained its seat until now. Today it has more than 70 members from all over the world and in addition to the European railway administrations the members also include the railways of Asia, Africa, America and Australia. More at www.uic.asso.fr
  • Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) - The CER as a representative organization of partners on the side of employers in the railway sector is a non profit organization acknowledged by the European Commission. The CER deals with all fields of policy, which is important for railway transport. It offers advises and recommendations to the EU policy makers in Brussels. The CER is qualified fully to apply consultations of legislative proposals and discussions of agreements relating to for instance to labor conditions for the whole sector. The CER associates 36 members of 25 member states completed by Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. More at www.cer.be
  • Organization for Co-operation of Railways (OSJD) - The Organization for Co-operation of Railways (OSJD) was established in 1956 in Sofia. Its members include the ministries of transport and central state organs (railways as a rule) of 27 states. The basic direction of OSJD activity includes development of possibilities of international carriage by rail mainly transport connection between Europe and Asia, forming the common transport policy in the field of international carriage by rail, preparation and elaboration of strategies, development of international rail law and promoting competition of railway transport. More at www.osjd.org
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