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Dynamic test laboratory

In the Test Centre VUZ Velim there is a hall with a dynamic test bench. The Dynamic Test Laboratory is a testing facility equipped with computer controlled loading machines (from 63 kN to 400 kN) able to handle large objects up to 120 t in weight. For the manipulation of large objects up to 100 t there are special lifts or a crane.

The Dynamic Test Laboratory is designed/equipped to perform fatigue and dynamic tests of vehicles and their components including simulation of operating and service conditions of vehicles. Also there is a pulse machine with the capability of application of the dynamic power up to  +-2500 kN. The equipment and service attendance of the testing laboratory makes  possible a parallel performance of several tests without interfering with each other.

Major activities offered:

  • strength tests and analysis of construction stress under simulated loads
  • measuring of damping and spring elements characteristics
  • functional tests of engines and equipment– verification of functionality under load or overload
  • frequency and dynamic characteristics of components and systems of machines
  • and vibration tests
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