Výzkumný Ústav Železniční (VUZ) – a responsible company

Výzkumný Ústav Železniční has completed the first stage of decarbonisation of its activities. Within this stage, the company arranged for purchase of 100% of electricity for the purposes of its own consumption, as well as for energy consumption required for the implementation of tests for the company's customers. Since May of this year, all electricity comes from renewable sources.

At the same time, this year VUZ has successfully completed the second round of measurement of its carbon footprint through an independent expert authority and applied for verification of the status of decarbonisation and measures taken based on CDP score.

The actual carbon footprint measurement repeatedly focused not only on emissions caused by VUZ’s own activities, but also on the area of ​​indirect emissions under Scope 3, within which securing the power supply from renewable sources significantly reduces total emissions and works fully to the benefit of VUZ customers.

VUZ aims to demonstrate the carbon footprint measurement and reduction in a verifiable way and rank among the leading EU companies that take their responsibility for the environmental protection seriously.

Ing. Martin Bělčík, CEO, VUZ commented: “By switching to green energy and constant carbon footprint measurement, VUZ proves to its customers that it takes the environmental protection issues seriously. Just as we monitor the latest development and set trends in our fields of expertise, we cannot lag behind in this area and wait for somebody to instruct us what to do. Our customers expect us to behave responsibly, and we are obliged to meet their expectations.”

In the second stage of decarbonisation, the plan is to reduce consumption within ​​Scope 1, especially in the area of ​​heating and consumption management.

Výzkumný Ústav Železniční, a.s. 

Výzkumný Ústav Železniční, a.s. (VUZ) is a company specialized in providing professional services and comprehensive solutions in the field of assessment, certification and testing of railway vehicles, railway systems and rail transport.

VUZ provides specialized services through authorized and accredited activities and testing of railway vehicles and their components. These include, in particular, assessment of interoperability: NoBo / DeBo services, assessment and evaluation of AsBo and ISA service safety, ITCS tests, dynamic component testing services - DZS, ETCS tests and others.

Our customers are manufacturers of rolling stock and railway system and rail transport components, owners of railway infrastructure, railway and rail transport operators, state authorities and institutions, seated both in the Czech Republic and abroad.



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