Dynamic test bench

The dynamic test bench is a unique facility located at the premises of the Test Centre Velim. It is mainly used to perform static, fatigue and dynamic tests of vehicles and their parts, including simulations of operating conditions and operating states of vehicles. DZS is part of the accredited testing laboratory Zkušební laboratoře VUZ, a.s. Furthermore, it is possible to perform chassis lifting or to lift loads up to 11 t. The machine and personnel of DZS allow multiple tests to be run simultaneously.

Equipment of the DZS hall:

  • • 32-channel electric hydraulic system INOVA EU 3000
  • • Hydraulic linear actuators in the power range of 30-500 kN
  • • Hydraulic pulzator with the range of ±2500 kN
  • • Bearing test bench for bearing tests according to ČSN EN 12 082
  • • Resonance test bench for fatigue tests of axles and wheels
  • • Thermomechanical test bench for wheel tests according to ČSN EN 13979
  • • 11 t overhead crane
  • • 4x25 t lifts
  • • Large Testing block with a clamping field (11 x 32 m)
  • • Small Testing block with a clamping field (11 x 12 m)
  • • Room for conditioning and sample preparation before testing
  • • Measuring system using the LabView software and measuring amplifiers MGC and Dewetron
  • • Machining and cutting workshop


The load cells in the range of 10-500 kN, acceleration sensors, strain gauge sensors, laser path sensors and others are used for the measurement of individual quantities. The MGC plus measuring amplifier is used for strain gauge measurements which can measure up to 150 channels at a time and store them together with other measured signals in real time. For ITRM tests (tests controlled by the signal measured in real conditions) the Iteration system is used. INOVA (link to ITRM tests).

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