Resiliance of GNSS receivers

Výzkumný Ústav Železniční, a.s. (VUZ), as the leader in assessment and evaluation in the railway sector, offers a GNSS resilience assessment service. Testing and comprehensive evaluation of the results of the test of the ability to withstand different types of interference is crucial for the proper use of the equipment. Based on the testing results, the tested receivers and applications can be used for complex systems in critical operations. We perform tests according to our own methodology and in accordance with ČSN EN 16803.

WHY do you need GNSS testing:

  • verification of prototype devices for use in practice
  • verification of the quality of GNSS signal reception and processing in complex systems
  • verification of the reliability of GNSS equipment in situations when the quality and availability of GNSS signals is reduced.


WHO is it intended for:

  • equipment manufacturers
  • end users
  • GNSS system operators.


Resilience of GNSS receivers is determined by their ability to work with the GNSS authentic signal in all real operational situations and thus continuously provide real and accurate GNSS position/time information to the system, or its user, without which the user cannot get along in most cases.

Resilience of GNSS receivers can be secured by security elements and measures on two basic levels:

  • signal reception on the GNSS antenna
  • signal processing in the GNSS receiver.


Thanks to its accessibility and continuously expanding service portfolio, GNSS has become a primary source of precise positioning, navigation and accurate time synchronization for many areas of critical infrastructure, including the rail transport, aviation, road transport, energy and financial sectors.  

VUZ offers testing according to a unique methodology with an option to test resilience against the most common type of GNSS interference, jamming; it is possible to use the small test circuit infrastructure for testing in real user conditions.

The service is a versatile testing option for devices intended to be used in a wide range of industries and transport sectors, such as autonomous road and rail transport, aviation and more. The testing procedures offer customers appropriate testing methods along the entire development cycle, from integration tests of individual components, to testing of the correct functioning of prototypes in a real-world environment (product verification tests) or testing to ensure the quality control of the production process of a given device (production line tests).

The output of the testing process is a GNSS equipment reliability certificate and a detailed technical report.

VUZ offers GNSS receiver resilience testing thanks to its unique infrastructure, developed GNSS test procedures and experience gained in cooperation with our sister company GNSS Centre of Excellence.

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