Component testing

Main activities offered

  • strength tests and analysis of structure stress under simulated load
  • measurement of damping and suspension elements properties
  • tests of connecting, pulling and pushing devices of vehicles
  • functional tests of machines and equipment - verification of functionality under load or overload
  • frequency and dynamic characteristics of machine parts and assemblies and vibration tests



  • Strength tests of bogies and their components 

Standards:    UIC 510-3, UIC 515-4 a UIC 615-4, ČSN EN 13 749)

  • Static and fatigue tests of the chassis frame
  • Static and fatigue tests of the bearing housings
  • Determination of mechanical parameters of rail vehicles

Standards:    UIC 505-3, UIC 515-4, ČSN EN 14 363)

  • Determination of own suspension springs
  • Determination of the centre of gravity position of the rail vehicle body
  • Determination of tilt pole height
  • Determination of tilt coefficient
  • Strength Tests of Transport Seats

Standards:    (UIC 566)

  • Brake discrepancy tests

Standards:    (UIC 833)

  • Measurement of bogie torque resistance

Standards:    (UIC 510-1, ČSN EN 14 363)

  • Measuring of torsional rigidity of the vehicle parts

Standards:    (ERRI B12/RP17, ERRI B12/DT135)

  • Pass tests of limit shapes of track 

Standards:    (UIC 507, UIC 510-1, UIC 522, ERRI B12/DT135)

  • Passing over of the curve with a minimal radius
  • Approach to a ferry
  • Approach to a traverse
  • Crossing over a slope hump
  • Lifting test

Standards:    (ČSN EN 50 215, ERRI B12/RP17)

  • Tests of rail vehicle springs

Standards:    (UIC 517, UIC 822, ČSN EN 14 200, ČSN EN 13 298)

  • Tests of helical coil springs of rolling stock
  • Tests of leaf springs of rail vehicles
  • Test on draw-bar hooks and buffer gears

Standards:    (ČSN EN 15566, ČSN EN 15551)

  • Axle bearing output tests

Standards:    (ČSN EN 12 082)

  •   Railway wheel fatigue tests

Standards:    (ČSN EN 13 262)

  •    Static, dynamic and fatigue tests of concrete sleepers

Standards:    (ČSN EN 13 230-1,2,3,4,5)

  • Test of rail fastening

Standards:    (ČSN EN 13 146-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, ČSN EN 13 481-2)

  • Fatigue test of axles

Standards:    (ČSN EN 13 103, ČSN EN 13 260, ČSN EN 13261)

  •    Thermal mechanical tests on wheels

Standards:    (ČSN EN 13 979, TSI WAG)

  •    Test of welded joints of rails

Standards:    (ČSN EN 14 587-1,2,3)

  • Non-destructive testing of MT and PT

Standards:    (ČSN EN ISO 3452-1, ČSN EN ISO 9934-1, ČSN EN ISO 17638)


In addition to accredited tests, the DZS can simulate operating conditions of components and assemblies according to a test program (of the customer) or test room. Tests can be performed on small parts as well as on complete units such as the entire expansion field or complete railway wagons.



  • functional test of the dilatation field,
  • measurement of damper characteristics (all sizes),
  • functional tests of switch-point machines,
  • and other tests as specified.

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