Výzkumný Ústav Železniční, a.s (VUZ) (Railway Research Institute, PLC) (VUZ) has a unique testing and technological background in the Test centre Velim - TC Velim. Two test rings and large auxiliary yard are the main part of the test centre.

Large test ring (LTR)

  • total length of the track 13.276 km
  • straight section 2 x 1.979 km
  • R = 1,400 m 2 x 4.136 km
  • slope section with 0 ‰ 9.144 km
  • maximum cant 150 mm
  • length of transition curve 0.261 km
  • weight per axle 25t
  • maximum speed 200 km/h, after prior approval 230 km/h

Small test ring (STR)

  • total length of the track 3.951 km
  • straight section 0.645 km
  • R = 800 m 0.591 km
  • R = 600 m 0.499 km
  • R = 450 m 0.859 km
  • R = 300 m 0.507 km
  • weight per axle 25t
  • R = 800 m and R = 600 m maximum speed 115 km/h
  • R = 450 m and in straight direction maximum speed 100 km/h
  • R = 300 m maximum speed 80 km/h


Auxiliary yard

The auxiliary yard is used for the parking of rolling stocks in time out of testing and for carrying out stationary tests using power supply from the catenary line or from the power supply stands 3x400 V/32A and 63A. It is also possible to use two high-voltage  cables which enable the vehicles to be supplied with different combinations of traction systems using a heating cable. The auxiliary rail yard is covered by a high-speed Wi-Fi data connection. The auxiliary yard also includes a track with R = 150 m curve and two reverse curves, the so-called S-curve.

Halls for test preparation

Halls for test preparation (HPZ) can be used for test preparation, installation of measuring equipment, technical inspections of tested vehicles, electrical and mechanical adjustments, replacement of components and other similar activities. All halls are covered by a high-speed Wi-Fi data connection.

  • • There are four halls:
    • HPZ I – length 120 m, 2 tracks, weight per axle 25 t, pit with length 111 m, footbridges for access to the roof of rail vehicles including life-line system, compressed air and electricity available, offices, storage rooms
    • HPZ II – length 200 m, 2 tracks, weight per axle25 t, pit with length 135 m, footbridges for access to the roof of rail vehicles including life-line system, compressed air and electricity available, 5 t  crane, lifting jacks, offices, storage rooms, conference room
    • HPZ III – length 60 m, 2 tracks, the hall is used mainly for parking of locomotives and VUZ measirung wagons and preparation of own tests
    • HPZ IV – length 22 m, 1 track, electricity available, background and office for customers

Traction power supply systems

The Test Centre VUZ Velim has its own power supply station with all major European power supply systems. Both the large and small test rings and part of the auxiliary yard are electrified, which can be supplied separately and thus enable the required combinations of traction systems.

ETCS system

VUZ within the Test Centre VUZ Velim is a unique facility in the Czech Republic for testing the unified European train protection system ETCS. The large test ring and test centre are also covered by the GSM-R signal. The VUZ facility uses installed interlocking technology with real detection means and two radio blocks together with track elements (variable and fixed balises) and enables the performance of specific customer integration tests OBU ETCS or legally defined ETCS tests, e.g. in terms of ESC tests according to CCS TSI.


Dynamic test bench

Part of ZC VUZ Velim is a unique device for static and dynamic component testing, a dynamic test bench. More about the dynamic test bench

Test Center service

  • rental of a track of the large test circuit (VZO) in motor and electric traction with the possibility of activation of ETCS equipment
  • rental of the small test circuit (MZO) track in motor and electric traction
  • track for stationary tests with traction power supply
  • track for stationary tests with power supply 3x 400V
  • Contra-directional arcs (the so-called S-arc)
  • rental of locomotives for driving tests and shunting
  • rental of measuring wagons
  • qualified drivers speaking Czech, English and German
  • rental of halls for the preparation of tests
  • place in the handling rail yard for the shut-down of rolling stock in time out of testing
  • rental of own load including loading and unloading
  • possibility of using a crane, jacks and handling equipment
  • rental of offices, meeting rooms and storage areas
  • provision of fuel (diesel, AD Blue) for motor vehicles 
  • provision of re-profiling of wheelsets including transport from and to the Test Centre
  • provision of the initial inspection of the rolling stock before obtaining the test drive authorization
  • other services according to specific customer requirements


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