Traction and energy tests

This type of tests covers verification of traction characteristics of traction railway vehicles, train resistance measurement, rolling stock anti-skid equipment testing and measurement of rolling stock energy parameters. VUZ is experienced in testing vehicles with different types of traction, including alternative tractions such as hydrogen and batteries.

Test portfolio: 

  • Measurement of traction/braking characteristics by the quasi-dynamic acceleration and deceleration method according to ČSN EN 50215, ČSN EN 50388
  • Longitudinal acceleration measurement
  • Anti-slip measurement
  • Measurement of the force on the hook, power and electrical quantities

Technical equipment:

  • Dewetron based modular measurement technology 
  • Up to 32 channels can be measured simultaneously
  • It is possible to read CAN busbars
  • Measuring car for measurement of pull / push forces of up to 500 kN without the impact of disturbance forces in curves

Reference projects:

  • Siemens: Vectron locomotive
  • Alstom: M7 unit
  • LDZ Ritoša sastáva serviss: 2M62UM diesel locomotive
  • CZ Loko: diesel locomotives
  • ŽOS Vrútky: motor units


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