Noise, vibration and lighting tests

These tests measure parameters of rolling stock affecting humans and the environment, including noise, lighting, and vibration tests.

Test portfolio: 

  • Noise measurement according to TSI Noise, TSI PRM, TSI LOC&PAS and ČSN EN ISO 3381, ČSN EN ISO 3095 standards
  • Measurement of internal noise emission in driver's cab and in passenger area
  • Measurement of external noise emission
  • Measurement of infrasound levels
  • Measurement of intelligibility of communication equipment using the STIPA method according to ČSN EN 60268-16 and TSI PRM
  • Measurement of parameters of the test noise track section (rail acoustic roughness measurement) according to ČSN EN 15610 and ČSN EN 15461
  • Measurement of interior and exterior lighting of rolling stock according to ČSN EN 13272-1, ČSN EN 13272-2, ČSN EN 15153-1 and ČSN EN 15153-3
  • Measurement of vibration affecting passengers
  • Measurement of vibration in the driver's cab
  • Measurement of whole vibration and hand-transmitted vibration in the driver's cab and on passenger seats according to ČSN ISO 2631, ČSN EN ISO 5349


Technical equipment:

  • Measuring equipment based on Brüel & Kjær
  • Possibility of measuring up to 12 channels
  • Noise track section with parameters according to TSI NOI
  • Measuring technology for light tests from the manufacturer GOSSEN Foto-und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH


Reference projects:

  • Siemens: passenger coaches
  • Stadler: passenger coaches, electric power units
  • Bombardier: Traxx locomotives
  • ŽOS Vrútky: units, passenger coaches
  • ŽOS Trnava: passenger coaches
  • CZ Loko: diesel locomotives 
  • Tatravagonka: freight wagons
  • Greenbrier: freight wagons
  • DPOV: passenger coaches
  • CAF: diesel and electric power units
  • PESA: diesel units


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