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Test Centre VUZ Velim

The Railway Research Institue, j.s.c. (VUZ) has at its disposal a unique testing and technological support facility. The complexity of service provided to the customers corresponds to the European standards.

The practical verification of technical parameters and running characteristics of railway rolling stock directly on the track belongs to the most effective modern testing methods. The VUZ in the Test Centre Velim operates two railway test rings, which are among the most important and the recognized test centres of railway technology and railway facilities in Europe. By its technical equipment it forms a unique compact unit to perform a number of runnig tests of rolling stock, railway equipment and transport means as well as other experiments and laboratory tests.

Pictures of the Test Centre Velim
Schematic plan of the railway test rings
How to find VUZ Test Centre Velim

Address: Test Centre VUZ Velim, Cerhenice 28102 (GPS: 50°5'1"N, 15°5'9"E)


Velký zkušební okruh Malý zkušební okruh
Track length 13,276 km Track length 3,951 km
2x forward direction 2x 1,979 km Curve R = 800 m 0,591 km
2x curve R = 1400 m 2x 4,136 km Curve R = 600 m 0,499 km
Horizontally 9,144 km Curve R = 450 m 0,859 km
Elevation of curve 150 mm Curve R = 300 m 0,507 km
Length of transition curve 0,261 km Forward direction 0,645 km
Permissible axle load 25 t Permissible axle load 25 t
Maximum speed 210 km/h Maximum speed (according to the curve diameter) 80 to 120 km/h


Tractive power systems of test tracks

The power supply system of the Test Centre Velim offers all major European tractive power systems.

  • DC system 3 kV
  • DC system 1,5 kV
  • DC system 0,75 kV
  • AC system 25 kV, 50 Hz
  • AC system 15 kV, 16 2/3 Hz

Supplying the large and small test ring with the power separately is possible to allow different combinations of power supply.

3 kV System

  • regulation from 0 to 4.0 kV
  • permanent current 1.5 kA at 3 kV (4.5 MW)
  • max. overload within 2 h – 2.1 kA
  • recuperation – YES

25 kV, 50 Hz System

  • regulation from 25 kV to 31 kV (9.75 MW)
  • regulation from 16 kV to 25 kV (4.0 MW)
  • permanent current 390 A at 25 kV (9.75 MW)
  • recuperation – YES

15 kV, 16 2/3 Hz System

  • regulation from 2.0 kV to 17.5 kV
  • permanent current 533 A at 15 kV
  • recuperation – YES

The test rings offer a possibility to perform all types of running tests.

Special offer consists in particular of:

  • noise tests in the section of large test ring, parameters of which meet the requirements of technical specification of interoperability of the Rolling stock sub-system - noise
  • tests of the European signalling and communication equipment ERTMS (ETCS, GSM-R) – test centre is covered by GSM-R signal and the section of large test ring is equipped by ETCS system
  • possibility of simulation of changes and power supply disturbances including the eventual traction mains disturbances and the measuring of electric tractive unit response/li>
  • EMC measuring in the section of large test ring specially equipped for this purpose
  • Tests in the measured rail section created in the part of large test ring to exclude negative environ impact

The large test circuit is equipt by ETCS Level 1

The large test circuit is equipt by ETCS Level 2

Test facility for testing of European train control system ETCS in the VUZ Test Centre Velim

The independent facility for testing of European train control system ETCS was built and put into operation in March 2015 in the VUZ Test Centre (TC) Velim. This workplace uses installed technology of electronic interlocking with real detection systems (axle counters) and  ETCS constituents (Radio Block Central (RBC) together with fixed and switchable balises and GSM-R. The electronic interlocking has no responsibility for safety operation on test ring, so degraded modes can be implemented. Workplace enables  to test on-board unit with using of  track-side configurations of application levels ETCS L0, L1 a L2 including its combinations and transitions between them. Installed technology enables simulation of standard and degrade operation situations including simulation of specific client’s requirements.

Possible ETCS tests:

Distribution according to application level(track-side enables):

  • ETCS L0 (whole Large Test Circuit - LTC with max speed 200 kmph,
  • ETCS L1 (km 6 – km 0,5) run in the even direction with max speed 160 kmph,
  • ETCS L2 (whole LTC) run in the both directions with max speed 200 kmph,
  • ETCS L0/L2 (L0: km 7 – km 1,5; L2: km 1,5 – km 7) run in the even direction with max speed 160 kmph,
  • ETCS L1/L2 (L1: km 7 – km 1,5; L2: km 1,5 – km 7) run in the even direction with max speed 160 kmph.

Distribution according to OBU (on-board unit) test type:

  • using of installed balises for the verification of BTM function and the odometry,
  • a predefined set of test scenarios for standard operation situations,
  • specific customer’s development or validation tests

Installed technology:

  • technology of detection systems (axel counters AzF Frauscher, total 26 track sections),
  • electronic interlocking system providing information for ETCS (used only for purposes of ETCS (without responsibility for safety operation on TC),
  • possibilities of application simulated situations of technology (e.g. occupying of axel counters sections, change of operational state of points, railway signals etc.),
  • RBC compliant witch Baseline 2 (specification version 2.3.0d),
  • balises Siemens S21 a LEU Thales compliant with Baseline 2,
  • 2x 8 balise groups with Ansaldo balises,
  • test evaluation with using diagnostic equipment.


  • ETCS control room,
  • meeting room,
  • separated office in  ETCS workplace for the customers needs.

Contact for detail information regarding ETCS : Mr. Jan Vasku, E-mail: vaskuj@cdvuz.cz,Mobile: +420 702 088 896

The test center makes it possible to perform the stationary tests and vehicle revival in the auxiliary yard equipped with all the mentioned tractive power supply systems. The mentioned and other tests are offered by VUZ to be undertaken in co-operation with the accredited testing laboratory. In case of interest it will make it possible that the measuring be performed by their own means.

Test Preparation Halls

In the Test Centre Velim there are four Test Preparation Halls (HPZ) available. In addition halls HPZ II. and HPZ III. are new build and offer modern technology and facilities. More at the Test Preparation Halls

Dynamic testing laboratory

In the test centre there is a hall with a dynamic test bench. More on the dynamic testing laboratory

In case of interest in more information contact us.

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